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Kona Coffee from Java on the Rock

Java On The Rock Coffees are 100% pure Kona, grown on our own and other farms in the Holualoa area of North Kona. We roast in small batches on the dark side for fuller flavor. Though we use the same beans and roast for both of our coffees, our different processes result in very distinctive qualities.

Three Stone Coffee is a highly crafted Kona coffee known for its depth of flavor, low acidity and body. Our trade secret is the Three Stone process invented by Bruce. We use this process on our beans after roasting. One effect of this process is reduced acid which permits a stronger brew without bitterness. The result—a smooth, yet rich and complex taste that dances on your taste buds. Like a fine wine, the Three Stone Process derives its value from the painstaking attention we dedicate to processing each bean for a full and consistent flavor. A connoisseur's delight! Available in whole bean.

Mountain Harvest is a traditionally processed Kona coffee. The mineral-rich volcanic soil of Hualalai Mountain gives this coffeeeits full-bodied and distinctive flavor. This is a premium quality at a competitive price. Mountain Harvest is the perfect choice for everyday consumption and gifts. Available in whole bean.


Our Three Stone Process is coveted among Coffee lovers around the world and is so rare that there isn't enough produced for every American to have even one sip per year. We are only able to produce enough of this handcrafted coffee for our Java On The Rock customers and those who order directly from us. Place your order by going to our Order Coffee Page.

Bruce invented our special Three Stone TM  process and personally does all our roasting.  We opened Java On The Rock in 1998 with 18 years experience in specialty coffees.  We understand every aspect of creating great coffeeeand espresso from growing, processing, roasting, packaging, storing, maintaining our equipment, brewing, and pulling shots.  Expertise, passion, and our daily involvement in bringing it to you from the tree to the cup...that's why you can taste the difference!  Enjoy your visit with us!

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