Brewing Kona Coffee, slow brewed, Low Acidity


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Brewing Kona Coffee, slow brewed, Low Acidity

Brewing Kona Coffee

We've brought you the coffee from tree to beautifully roasted beans, now the next step is up to you. We want you to do a great job brewing your Kona coffee to bring out its richest flavor. Bruce thinks that Kona coffee tastes best when “slow-brewed.”

Water boils at 212 degrees. Most people prefer the taste that is brewed between 190 – 198 degrees.

Bruce likes to brew each cup individually using a small filter holder. A cheap blade-type grinder will produce an excellent cup brewing with this method. Bruce first grinds one heaping tablespoon of beans and pours this into the holder lined with a paper filter. First he brings the tea kettle to a boil. This gives him a reference point because boiling is 212 degrees. The temperature of the brewing water dramatically affects the solubility of certain flavor compounds in coffee. He shuts off the heat when the kettle boils. Then he pours about one tablespoon of water over the grounds in the filter. This lets the grounds blossom. After about a minute he pours the hot water one-third of the way up the filter holder. No hurrying! Let the water seep through the grounds, then he fills again, adding just enough water each time to cover the wet grounds. He keeps doing this until he's filled a 12 ounce mug. It takes seven-to-eight minutes to complete the process of brewing a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee.

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