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Kona Coffee Farm, Kailua, Java on the RockOur Kona Coffee Farm
Kahalu'u Hawai'i

Our five-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm is up in Kahalu`u on the southern slope of Hualalai overlooking the ocean. Hawks, flocks of songbirds, towering breadfruit, and dainty fruit trees make our farm a beautiful and inspiring place to live and work. Our Farm is located toward the northern area of the 20-mile long Kona coffee belt. The elevation, weather patterns, and rich volcanic soil of this area create optimum growing conditions for the production of one of the world’s most notable coffees.

The Rock— the island of Hawaii. Over millions of years five volcanoes violently emerged from the ocean building this raw and primal place on Earth. Hawaii is an island in progress, ever changing at the whim of fiery volcanic forces—forces that destroy as well as create the land and its abundant life.

Kona coffee thrives on a narrow strip of land starting north of Kailua running 20 miles south along the coast between 500 and 2,000 feet above sea level. About 500 farms are tucked away on the slopes of the volcanoes Hualalai, in North Kona and Mauna Loa in South Kona. Most of these farms are under five acres. Coffee loves Kona’s rocky volcanic soil and climate. The sunny mornings give life, and the afternoon rains and cloud cover give moisture and protection. During the dry winters with cool nights the coffee trees rest and sprout buds. The start of rainy season in February signals the buds to burst into snowy white flowers. The green fruit that follows ripens into fat red cherries that are ready to pick starting in August. Because the flowers set intermittently, farmers pick all their ripe cherries and then wait until the next set is ready. Depending on the sequence of flowering, farmers will pick between six and twelve times, with peak season occurring in November and picking finishing by January.

Since many of Kona’s farms are family-owned, the planting, pruning, fertilizing, weeding and hand-picking are chores done lovingly by people who know every tree on their land.

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